Music Program 2020

Each of your six full days at camp is filled with music-making, time for relaxation, and evening concerts.


Typical Daily Schedule

8:15 Mini-concert
8:40 Session 1*
9:40 Session 2*
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Session 3*
12:05 Session 4*
(including large choir & choral orchestra)
1:00 LUNCH
1:45 Post-lunch mini-concert
2:00 Session 5* (Quiet Hour)
Drop-In: exercises & lectures
3:00 Session 6*
(including orchestra)
4:40 Session 7*
(including large string & wind ensembles, and children's games)
5:45 Pre-dinner mini-concert
7:00 Session 8*
(including Orchestra 101)
8:30 Concert by faculty or students**
10:00 Snack and social

"Great atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement no matter what your level of accomplishment"

* Sessions: Participants choose their sessions from the classes scheduled during those times. Except for chamber music groups, there is no pre-registration for classes.

** Evening concerts are open to family, friends and the general public.


Music classes

A varied selection of classes, for vocalists and instrumentalists, beginners and advanced alike, will keep you making music all day.


Full choir with orchestra* SATB chamber choir
Jazz choir Musical theatre
Celtic music Choral reading
Collaborative music Vocal technique
Barbershop choir Drop-in singing


Master class/ensemble for each instrument
Symphony orchestra* Orchestra 101
Wind ensemble String ensembles**
Flute ensemble Cello ensemble
Chamber music groups*** Recorder consorts
Celtic music Jazz
Collaborative music


Ukulele Guitar
Conducting Music lectures
Musicians' exercises

(Music class offerings may vary according to enrollment.)

Class Descriptions

* Choral Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra:
As wind & brass orchestral parts are "one instrument to a part", the Wind and Brass parts will be assigned by the coaches to campers on Monday during the first "Onlys" (Master class) session. If you wish to play in one of these orchestras, please be sure to attend at least the Monday session for your instrument.

Note: There is no limit to the number of instruments in Orchestra 101, and all instrumentalists are welcome.

** String Ensembles:
There are two string ensembles: Advanced and Intermediate. Due to the relatively small rehearsal space available, the Advanced class has limited enrolment, and will accommodate at most 12 violins, 6 violas, 6 cellists and 1 bass. If you indicated on your application form that you were an Advanced string player, and would like to play in the Advanced Ensemble, please be sure to attend the Monday "Onlys" (Master class), when the string coaches will have an opportunity to listen to all string players. The Advanced String Ensemble participants will be posted on the whiteboard outside the Dining Hall by lunchtime on Monday, in time for the first String Ensemble sessions in the afternoon.

Note: The Intermediate String Ensemble is open to all string players.

*** Chamber music groups:
Chamber groups will be assigned before camp whenever possible. Please apply early to help us schedule these coached groups. Registrants enrolled after June 1 are not guaranteed a chamber music group, although every effort will be made to accommodate them.

We try to accommodate everyone who would like to play in a chamber group, but please note that some fluency with sight-reading is required. If you do not feel comfortable playing an independent part without the assistance of a conductor, we encourage you to take part in the large ensembles but not to request a chamber ensemble.

For the enjoyment of all those in a chamber group, the faculty may be consulted if there is concern that a camper may not be able to "hold their own" on a part. In that case, the camper may not be accepted into a chamber group.



Most of the repertoire for the larger classes is selected before camp. If you wish to learn/prepare the music ahead of time (it is not required to do so) you may find links to the printed music (for instrumentalist parts) or sing-a-long tracks for the large choral work.

Click here to view the 2020 camp repertoire.




Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, our outstanding faculty present concerts, ending the day on a perfect note.

Wednesday evening will be a Cabaret / Participant Showcase evening. If you have been working on a piece and wish to "try it out" in front of a supportive audience, this is the time to do it! Children and youth in particular are encouraged to perform, and light-hearted "Cabaret-like" numbers are most welcome.

On Friday evening and all day Saturday, the spotlight is on the participants! This is your chance to perform in an amicable, supportive environment, and to hear what your fellow participants have been working on all week. Various concerts will feature chamber music, small choral groups, children and youth. Saturday evening the spotlight is on the large ensembles, with a wind-up party on campus afterwards (to which guests are welcome).



Camp gets going even before your first class Monday morning.

Upon your arrival between 2:00 and 4:00pm on Sunday, July 19, head directly to registration, and then get settled in your room. Past campers can mingle with old friends and introduce themselves to first-time campers.

After supper, an orientation session will map out how the week will unfold, and the faculty and their courses will be introduced.

On the last day of camp (Sunday, July 26), the only scheduled activity is breakfast. Check-out time is 10:00am.


Brass participants playing fanfare before an evening concert.