Repertoire 2019

Please check periodically for updates.
Repertoire will be posted as it becomes known.


Full Choir with orchestra

  • Cherubini, Requiem in C Minor

    All instrumental and vocal scores will be provided.



Note: Wind and Brass parts will be assigned to campers by the coaches at the Monday "Onlys" class.


SATB Choir

  • Sing We and Chant It (Thomas Morley)
  • Lux Aeterna (a choral setting of "Nimrod" from the Enigma Variations)
  • Son de Camguey (Stephen Hatfield)
  • How Can I keep from Singing (arr. Kirby Shaw)
  • Why we sing (Greg Gilpin)


Wind Ensemble

  • Satoshi Yagisawa, Fanfare - The Benefaction from Sky and Mother Earth


  • Travis J. Cross, And the grass sings in the meadows


  • Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin, arr. Michael Sweeney, The Willow Tree


  • John Philip Sousa, Mother Hubbard March



Advanced String Ensemble

    Note: The string coaches will assign campers to the Advanced String Ensemble after hearing them play in the Monday morning "Onlys" class. The assignments will be posted by lunchtime on the white board outside the Dining Hall.

  • Mahler, 5th Symphony, Adagietto (4th movement)
  • String parts are available by clicking on the links below:


Intermediate String Ensemble


Musical Theatre

    The musical theatre classes will work on a short scene with dialogue, moving into a song & dance number. The choreography will be very basic (we're mostly musicians, not dancers, after all!).

    The Youth Musical Theatre class takes place in the morning and is for those registered in the JR and SR Youth program (entering grades 4-9 in the Fall). The Adult Musical Theatre class is open to all - yes, youth and children too.

    If you are going to join this class, think about bringing along some clothing items along the lines of the costume suggestions below.

  • Adult Musical Theatre:
    "Dancing Queen", from the musical Mamma Mia!

    Costume suggestions: disco type clothes, feather boa,... lots of colour!


  • JR & SR Youth Musical Theatre:
    "Revolting Children", from the musical Matilda

    Costume suggestions: plain coloured shorts, skirts or tunics, white socks,
    black school shoes; All black for the "school mistress".