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Campaign Goal:

To build an Endowment Fund which will provide scholarships and bursaries to amateur musicians of all ages and musical abilities, thus removing financial barriers to individuals who would like to attend the WCAMS summer music camp.

GOAL: $200,000

We have reached our goal!

But don't stop yet:
Our 5-year campaign ends July 1st, 2020.

With $200,000 in our Endowment Fund, WCAMS is now guaranteed at least $7000 per year in distributions from the fund which will support from 8-12 campers on Scholarships and Bursaries. A Great Achievement!

But camp fees continue to rise with inflation. Every new donation will ensure we can continue to provide support to the same number of recipients - or more - every year.

Be Part of this Campaign!


What is an Endowment Fund?

Donating to a permanent Endowment Fund means that the capital (your donation) will be preserved in perpetuity, while the interest earned from the capital will be used to support our campaign goal.

This means:
100% of your donation will work towards providing scholarships and bursaries forever!

or put another way:

3.5% of every donation will be disbursed annually for scholarships and bursaries, year after year.  In perpetuity!

Read about different ways to give.

Help support our campaign so that WCAMS can welcome Everyone, forever.