How much should I give?

In deciding upon a donation, please consider how you can make your current donation last your lifetime and beyond.

  • If you currently donate $25 annually,
    then a $700 donation would generate this amount, in perpetuity!

  • A donation of $300 pledged each year over our five-year campaign would ultimately generate $50 in funding every year.

  • Donations at the Music Director's Circle level ($10,000+) would cover full music tuition at camp for one adult forever.

Choose the Level of Giving which best suits you.


Make a pledge

Our 5-year campaign began at camp in July 2015 and will end at camp July 2020.
Be part of this campaign - make a pledge and help us to predict when we will reach our goal!

Click on the PLEDGE button to the left to make a pledge to spread your campaign gift over four years.

Or, print out and mail this form:
WCAMS For Everyone Pledge Form


How can I give?

The fastest and easiest way to make a donation right now is via credit card. Click on the DONATE button to make your donation to the WCAMS Fund held at the Vancouver Foundation.


Explore other ways to donate:


Write a cheque

Cheques should be made out to Vancouver Foundation and should specify that they be directed to the WCAMS Fund. Cheques can be mailed to:

Vancouver Foundation,
Suite 200 - 475 West Georgia Street,
Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 4M9


Publicly-traded Securities

If you own stock or shares that have increased in value, 50% of the capital gains are taxable upon sale of the securities. However if you donate these securities in-kind, the entire gain is tax exempt. Vancouver Foundation can arrange the transfer of securities from your investment account and will provide you with a tax receipt for the value of the securities on the day of your donation.


Deferred Giving Options

Charitable Bequest

Leaving a gift for WCAMS in your will is a thoughtful way to have your name associated with WCAMS for years to come. If this is an option you would consider, your will should specify that your gift be left to the Vancouver Foundation and be directed towards the WCAMS fund. Vancouver Foundation will provide an official receipt for income tax purposes to your estate.

Life Insurance

You can provide a sizeable future gift at an affordable current cost, without reducing what you give to family and friends through your estate. If you designate Vancouver Foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary or owner and beneficiary of your life insurance policy, you will receive an official receipt for income tax purposes for the amount of premium you pay each year.

RRSP, RRIF, Real Estate, other collateral,...

Vancouver Foundation can process a wide variety of gifts.


For more information about donating securities or other complex gifts, please contact Kristin Helgason at the Vancouver Foundation,


However you choose to support the WCAMS For Everyone campaign,
WCAMS is most grateful for your generosity.

Thank you!



WCAMS has chosen the Vancouver Foundation to establish and manage an Endowment Fund on behalf of WCAMS.

Vancouver Foundation is the largest Community Foundation in Canada with over $1billion in funds managed by professional investment managers.