WCAMS Music Library

With over 1500 holdings, the WCAMS library has an extensive collection of musical scores. Music is used primarily during the annual summer music camp, but scores are also available for loan to WCAMS members.

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The music library was started in 1982, when Mrs. Doris Lazenby donated a box of music and Christa Beckmann volunteered to be our first librarian. Since then, other gifts of music have been received from Jenny Ono, John Stobbs, Mrs. Ilana Bares, Maria Brown, Jerry Domer, and most recently from WCAMS founder, Jack Downs.

Each year, funds from our operating expenses and special donations have enabled further purchases of music on the advice of our instructors at the summer music camp. There is also a special collection of music donated by the composers themselves, including works by Michael Conway Baker, Eckart Seeber, Joseph Terichow, and James Whittaker. Also, arrangements by Jack Downs, Art Williams, Joseph Terichow, and Pat Daniels are included.

For more information about the library, contact our librarian at librarian@wcams.ca.