Annual Giving

All donations support scholarships and bursaries for campers requiring financial assistance. Donors listed in bold have given as well, or instead, to the WCAMS Endowment Fund at the Vancouver Foundation.

We would like to thank the individuals below for contributions made between July 23, 2018 and July 23, 2019.

Presto ($500+)

  Kim Aippersbach
Elaine Alpert & Bill Marsh
Joyce Baker
Ursula Beale
Elizabeth Buxbaum
Claire Saez Co
Hsing Jou
Ellen de Man
Claudia Morawetz

Jon Morris
Karen Oliver
Colin Percival
Paul and Irene Percival
Doris Marie Provine
Veronica Roenitz
Laura Shelton
Kristina Stevens
Naomi and Rob Taylor
Monique Wilberg
Anonymous (4)

Allegro ($100-$499)

  Peter Bosted
Verena Bryner
Pat Christiansen
Anne Clark
Dorothy Fairholm
Janet Finlayson
Gary Fleming and Jane Clifton
Dee Gabrielle
Paula Gelmon
Ian Graham
Tarrance Grieve
Tom Handley and Ana Harland
Lorraine Harland
Janet Holland
Heather Holmes
Glenda Johnson
Lars Kaario
Jane Kaczmer
Diane Kindree
Gabrielle Komorowska
Jennifer Leong
Sandra Levy
Mary A McDonald
Gail Milner
Darcy Mitchell
Susan Munro
Barry Narod
David Pimm
Nancy Pow
Sean Quicke
Annalies Reeves
Lon and Marilyn Rosen
Adrian Rys
Lesley Scott
Heather Stubbs
Kevin Tate
Midori Tomoeda
Deborah Torkko
Han Vanderleeden
David and Andrea Warner
Garnet Wolchok
Mary Zuanich
Anonymous (8)
For the Kids Fund

Cantabile ($10-$99)

  Elizabeth Bae
Hilary Clark
Arvita Cotter
Ron Crabtree
Emily Farrell
Mary Georgilas
Shirley Giggey
Anne Graham
Anne Haywood
Shirley Lecker
Martie Lopez
Rod Olafson
Diane Schachter
Keith Woodward
Anonymous (13)